If you are a UTeach student, a math or science teacher, or you teach Perspectives on Science and Math at one of UTeach's nationwide replication sites, this site is for you!

This site is maintained by Professor Megan Raby with the assistance of UTeach Senior Software Developer Michelle Lowry, and with input from students in the Spring 2018 Perspectives on Science and Math course (HIS 329U) at the University of Texas at Austin. Prof. Raby has taught Perspectives since 2014. She  began creating this site as a way to share resources for students researching projects in this course, as well as a way to showcase student-generated content. The resources on this site are designed to support current UTeach students, as well as any teacher interested in integrating historical perspectives into STEM teaching. This site provides an introduction to the pedagogical rationale for incorporating history in the science and math classroom, a launching pad for exploring topics and themes in the history of science and math, and a resource guide for successfully implementing history in a STEM lesson plan

This site is a work in progress. Feedback and suggestions for resources to add are welcome! Please contact Prof. Raby if you have ideas to share.